So, I’m late with my daily posting…shocking, I know.  Here is what I should have posted on Saturday:


Today, which is Saturday and not Monday, I am thankful for my first born kid.  I don’t know if any of you know this, but with your first kid, you really don’t have a clue what your doing.  Seriously.  It’s a pretty fly-by-night, on-the -job-training kind of thing going on.  It’s amazing that they turn out any kind of normal.  There are moments when you just put your head in your hands and think “please just don’t let them grow up to be serial killers”.


But the cool thing about the first born kid is that you get that ‘bonding’ time with them when they are in the womb.  Because it’s all new to you and every movement, every oddity of pregnancy has your complete and full attention.  It’s not like that with the rest of the pregnancies because you have other little people demanding your attention, you don’t get to just pay attention to being pregnant.  And let’s face it, once you’ve done it once, the novelty wears off.  Swollen ankles, weight gain, feeling something else moving around in your body…by 6 months along I was ready to be done.  Seriously, in all our scientific advancement we haven’t figure out how to fast forward that process?  Anyway, with Wyatt everything was new and I paid attention to all of it.  And when he finally made his entry into this world, by emergency c-section, the weirdest thing happened.  The nurses held him up around the side of the draping so I could see him….and I recognized him.   It was the most surreal moment of recognition.  I knew him.   I’d like to say that this happened with each of my kids but it didn’t.  My girls were surprises to me, new little people to discover.  But with Wyatt, it was different.


And now here he is, growing up incredibly fast.  The years from 10 to 15 seem to have just been a blur and all of a sudden I have a young man standing in front of me, taller than me, with his own ideas and opinions.  How did this happen?  It went from a seemingly endless job to realizing we only have a few more years before he’s off on his own.  But I look at this kid and I think he’s the kind of person that will make the world better.  He’s grown into a thoughtful, kind-hearted kid with a goofy sense of humor and an incredibly deep sense of loyalty and honor and determination.  He’s athletic and he has the heart of a champion, whether he wins or loses.  He’s not full of himself…he’ll play with little kids at get togethers with out thinking about whether or not it looks cool.  None of this is because of anything we’ve done as parents, I can’t take credit for the young man that God has given us.  But I’m so glad He chose us to bless with this kid.





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