Good gravy, I’m late on posts.  Again.  OK…today, which is yesterday but let’s not dwell on that, I am thankful for coffee.  No, I already wrote about that.  For my kids.  No, covered that.  For Michael.  Can’t write that one yet…saving that one.  This shouldn’t be difficult because I have a freakin’ ton of stuff to be thankful for…it’s finding the right thing to write about that’s hard.


OK, today…yesterday…whatever…I’m thankful for my work.  I’ve talked about that fact that I work from home in previous posts but I really am thankful for the way my job is set up.  It allows me to pretty much be a full time mom and work full time.  Technically, I have 3 jobs and it’s all work that I can do from here which makes it completely freakin’ awesome.


It has it’s drawbacks, like when the office phone rings, I answer it…whether it’s 6 am or 10 pm.   And the stress never really leaves because I don’t ever really leave my work.  BUT…the perks are far more great.  I can start work as early as I want to so that I can take time later in the day for the kids or errands or cleaning the house.  When I need to work late, I brew myself a pot of coffee, put the kids to bed and settle in.  And I can listen to my music at whatever volume I would like, I can wear my old ratty jeans or sweatpants to work, and I have a great view out my office window.


And mostly, I’m just thankful that I have a job at all, in this day & age.

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