Work makes you drink.

So, I may have mentioned before that I have taken on a another job lately…it came about kinda sudden and out of the blue, like most good things that happen to you, and it’s been a fun adjustment.  Let me explain a little about my other jobs…I work 3 other jobs from a home office as a trade show manager and a director of an agricultural organization.  So, yeah…up to now I’ve worked from an office right here in my home and it’s been pretty awesome.  It may not always pay the best but the benefits of being able to set my own hours and work around my kids’ schedules have been priceless.  Plus I can work in my sweats, without a shower, and at 11 pm after the kids go to bed.  And I’m still working these jobs too, which means I pretty much work all the time now whether I’m home or away.


And now, I have this new job that actually requires me to put on grown up clothes and leave the house and stuff.  It’s some weird shit.  I had to go shopping, people, that’s how lacking my wardrobe was….jeans, chucks and tshirts don’t cut it.   I bought dress pants, and skirts, and dresses, and tops, and four pairs of shoes that were not Converse!  Four pairs…and they had heels!  Look at me….I’m such a grown-up!


Also, I’m not much of a drinker.  An occasional glass of wine or a nice stout beer every once in a while but, as you can read here, I’m pretty much a light weight.  But today I just spent 9 hours at my new office job and all I wanted to do was have a glass of wine.  Seriously….as soon as I left work, I knew that a glass of wine was what I wanted to make the day right.  So after work I picked up my kids at practices, snagged some pizzas, and made an extra stop just to get a bottle of wine and some ice cream.  The dinner of champions, baby!


So you guys, I totally get it now!  I totally get the need to have a glass of wine after a long day of work, especially on a Friday.  I never knew how that felt before…maybe because I could work in my sweats and listen to my angry music really loudly and no one would mind, but now…now I feel like I have really joined the adult workforce.  I wear nice clothes, I have a real office, I commute (with a bunch fucking tools who don’t know how to drive, I might add) and now I understand it.  Work makes you drink.  It’s just that simple.


So here’s to you, my fellow workers….I raise my glass of wine to you.  Grab some pizza and enjoy your weekend, I know I will!

3 thoughts on “Work makes you drink.

  1. Amen!!! Welcome Amy!! Today was an extra special Friday, being first Friday, being 79 degrees in the month of October…lots of reasons to sit and have a glass of wine and relish in the moment of being able to say “hell yah, I made it and I’m sitting here and drinking a glass if wine!” Nobody stop me!

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