Walking with the girls

The last three days, the girls and I have gone for a walk and enjoyed the frigid air.  Bundled up in our scarves, hats and gloves, we’ve set out for a mile or two or three.  Usually I like to walk by myself because I really, really, really like to have that time to think and ponder and recharge.  But, they wanted to come along and we can all use the exercise so we headed out the door….


What a great time!  Each time we talked about everything and nothing…we laughed, we skipped, we talked in british accents. It was a more fun than I anticipated and I was sad that we didn’t have time to go out again today.


Now that we are starting back to school schedule and sports, I don’t know when we’ll have time to go walking again but when we do, I will be looking forward to it!

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