‘Tis the season…

No, not the Christmas season…not yet.  Thanksgiving.  The bridesmaid, never the bride of the seasonal calendar.  Everyone wants to rush right past it and get to the gifts but I really like Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday and I refuse to be pushed into Christmas until Thanksgiving has been given it’s allotted time.  But I will admit that I have already done some online Christmas shopping…sssshhhh!


Perhaps I like this holiday because I really like autumn.  There’s something about the cold mornings, the leaves, the feeling of storing up for bad weather…it resonates with me.  Right now I’m sitting in front of a fire, drinking a cup of coffee.  The kids are still sleeping and the house is quiet.  It’s just about perfect (except that my hubby has left for his shift…that part sucks).  I have an overwhelming sense of contentment and thankfulness.  Granted, that may change when the heathens wake up but that’s why I’m writing this now while I can enjoy it.


It’s good for me to be thankful, even if it’s just been brought on by the season.  Too many time I’m caught up in what we can’t afford or don’t have time to do…it’s good to be brought back to the basics.  Is our house wonderful and big and everything we wanted?  Nope.  But it is sound and warm and where each of our kids will remember being raised.  It holds our pictures and our memories and the kid’s height against the wall.  We don’t have everything and we don’t have a lot but we do have more than some and just enough for us.  And what we have is directly related to how much we have worked for it and that fact makes it even more precious than any price tag can state.


So, this Thanksgiving my goal is to be thankful in all things and try to keep this attitude throughout the day…even when the kids are awake.

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