Things heard in our house

Random snippets of conversation that can be heard at any given time in our household:

“Man up and play charades!”


“Giant sloth eating a banana!”


“Not now, hockey is on”


“Percy Jackson reference!  Boo-yah!”


“What?  I’m cool.  Yes I am.  Don’t look at me that way.”






“I already read the book we bought yesterday, can we go back to the bookstore today”


“You know who killed Sherlock?  Voldemort!  And he killed Gandalf.  So stop trying to figure it out.”


“She’s not Sherlock, I’m Sherlock.  She’s Watson”


“The book is always better than the movie”


“Ok, the Bourne movies are better than the books.  You get one.”


“I’m saying Voldemort’s name.  Voldemort!  Voldemort!  Voldemort!”


“You’re such a nerd.”


“Snogging is a fun word.  Let’s say snogging more often.”


“Do you know what snogging is?”


“Brilliant.  Brilliant is a fun word…let’s say that one more often.”


“Are you over or under weight?  What I’m asking is will you be eating dinner with us tonight?”


“Grounded.  You’re all grounded.  Don’t ask me why…there is a reason, trust me.”


“Hey, put away your towels.  Otherwise you won’t have any when you need them.”


“Can someone get me a towel!” (yelled by a wet child standing in the shower)

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