The To-Do List

I’ve decided that this whole “thankful every day” thing is only proving that I can’t keep up with posting something every single day.  Apparently I’m inept at writing something each day…other than my To-Do List that is.


So this ‘thankful’, which I think was supposed to be posted last…Thursday, (geez, I really do suck at this) is for my perpetual To-Do List.  You may think this is a weird thing to be thankful for but honestly, without a pad of paper and a pen, I’m utterly, totally, and completely lost.  Mike teases me about it because there are so many apps and electronic things that I could be using and I still opt for my yellow legal pad and MY pen.  Seriously, don’t mess with my pen.  In a house with three kids who thing your office is one big supply bin the pens are always walking off and I’m kind of particular about my writing instrument of choice.  And right now I only have one left.  So, DON’T.  TOUCH.  MY.  PEN.

Aahhh…a clean pad of paper and a pen…it makes me happy.



With 3 different organizations, plus a household, to run I have lots of things to write down.  In fact, for awhile, I was using 2 pads of paper.  But now I’m back to just the one.  It’s always the same:  house chores at the top of the page and then the three organizations below, each with their own heading and list of things to accomplish and/or remember.  Sometimes it stresses me out to see it all scribbled down there but really it’s my sanity.  If I don’t have it written down, 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t get done.  So thanks To-Do List for always hanging over my shoulder and making sure I’ve always got something to do.

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  1. That pen is my favorite pen too and I can’t keep them in the office. I finally put my name on it so I could find it when it walked away. I’m down to my last one too. 🙁

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