The Joy of Driving with NO Kids…

First, let me just say that I love my kids.  Most every day.  But…there is a certain joy I derive from being in my car by myself.  The freedom to listen to anything or nothing is one of the purest forms of independence a mother can have.  And I claim it every chance I get.


I drove to town today to get some office supplies before picking up the kids at school and I enjoyed every moment.  See, I like a lot of music and some of the music I like is not suitable for my children.  Judge me if you must but some of my favorite songs are explicit.  And I like my music loud.  Feel it in your chest loud. Leave you ears humming loud.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those annoying people who cranks their music up so that every car in a block radius hears it.  I tone it down when in town.  But, we live out in the countryside, so I have a good 20-30 minutes of drive time, cruising at 60, with no one around to hear me listening to Marilyn Manson at high decibels.  Yea, it’s nice.


So as I was driving along today with Pink’s ‘Raise Your Glass’ turned way up, I got to thinking about people and the music they like.  Some people are easy to read, there is no mystery to the music they listen to.  Most of those people know all the words to songs like “Honkytonk Badonkadonk”.  (I have no idea if I spelled that right and I don’t really care)  Then there are some people who are like little musical onions…each band is like another layer of their personality.  I like people like that.  I like to get to know someone by what they listen to because I think it tells you interesting things about them.  I’ve been known to raise or lower my estimation of someone based on their musical tastes:  you like Coldplay?  Hhhmm…sorry, down you go.  Know who Veruca Salt is?  Bonus!!  Listen to mainstream country?  Back of the line buddy.  Listen to Cake or Foster the People?  We will get along great!  Ok…you get the point.




If you really want to know someone, listen to their running playlist.  Of all the playlists people make for themselves this one should tell you who they are when they aren’t putting up respectable fronts.  Those are the songs that move you, motivate you and tap into whatever it is you need to find when your a few miles into the run.  So, in the spirit of honest blogging, here is my running playlist…a little glimpse into my brain, a few layers of my onion.  Enjoy.


Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That – Robert Randolph & the Family Band

Volcano Girls – Veruca Salt

All My Life – Foo Fighters

Cold Hard Bitch – Jet

Watch It Burn – Disciple

Lights & Sounds – Yellowcard

Raise Your Glass – Pink

The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson

Seether – Veruca Salt

Bridge Burning – Foo Fighters

DOA – Foo Fighters

Put Your Hands On Me – Joss Stone

Hammerhead – The Offspring

6 Gun Quota – Seether

Whatever – Godsmack

Down With the Sickness – Disturbed

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