The Great Basketball Game

Last night I watched a great game!  It was exciting, the lead changed almost constantly and in the end, victory was decided by one point.  It wasn’t a game of college football or professional soccer….it was my daughter’s middle school girls basketball game.


My daughter is in 5th grade…she goes to a very small country school where we didn’t have enough older girls to make up the team so half the basketball team is 5th graders and we even borrow a few players from another, even smaller, school.  The other schools we play are the same way…small country schools that don’t have alot of potential players to draw from.  But we are definitely the youngest, and shortest, team in the ‘league’.


In the stands were parents from both teams, most of whom already know each other from other sports their kids play or community events they’ve helped out with.  We were nice when we cheered…which, was a little hard, I’ll be honest.  If you have ever been to a sporting event with me, you’ll know what I mean.  I love sports.  All sports.  Whether my kids are playing or not.  And I’m loud…often.  Doubt me?  I embarrassed my husband at a hockey game….he asked me to sit down and stop yelling at the refs for stopping the fights.  I’m notorious at my son’s wrestling tournaments for how well my voice can carry from the stands down to the mats.  Now you know.   Consider yourself warned if we ever find ourselves at a game together…


Now, back to the game…what made this game great is that our coach, a young man who is a student teacher at the school, plays all of our girls.  Not just the good ones and the ones who understand the game, but all the girls.  Every one of the girls can say that they had a hand in last night’s victory and that, in my mind, is pretty awesome.


A few standout moments that I must point out:

1.  One of the 5th grade girls, we’ll call her A, is the sweetest, mildest tempered girl who’s friend’s with everyone.  She likes to play the game but she just doesn’t want the ball.  At all.  In the mix of shooting & rebounds, she ended up with the ball in her hands.  After a momentary look of shock, she shot the ball….and made it!  The entire stands went crazy for that one basket and the look on her face was absolutely priceless.


2.  The stand out player on our team, S, is a player who you can tell will be an athlete in high school, maybe even beyond.  She is the definite leader on the team and has some serious skills.  After a few attempts to drive the ball through the center, she pulled up short and took a shot from the three point line.  Not just a basket…a swish!  Again, the stands went crazy.  From then on all she had to do was pause at the three point line and people were calling for her to make the shot.


Aaaahhh….the fun of sports at all ages and skill levels.  I can’t wait till tomorrow’s game!

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