The Best Therapy. Ever.

And it’s back!  Yes, my will to write has reappeared, you can all relax now.  I know you were worried for me, right?  Of course you were.


And just what was the magic that restored my creativity and energy level?  I got my hair done.  Yes, my friends, I am a true female after all.  Don’t let the smart-ass, sports-loving, zombie-movie-quoting veneer fool you.  I am all chick.   And it doesn’t hurt that my hair-stylist is also my best friend!  So what I really got was 2 hours of the best therapy you could ever ask for!


I walked out of that salon like I was a size 2 and wearing spiked heels.  Which, who are we kidding, I am so not.  And I wear converse.  But inside, I was a freakin’ runway model.  Really, you men out there are totally  missing out on the transformative powers of the salon experience.  I don’t know what it is about it that taps into our psyche but even the most tomboy of us are suckers for a good haircut & style.  Maybe it’s taking the time for ourselves, maybe it’s the pampering, maybe it’s just that fact that when you get hair done it looks so awesome when you leave the salon that it’s hard not be completely energized by how good you feel.  And I went for a drastic color change so that made it even more fun!


Then, to complete the afternoon, I listened to some really great music at really loud volume all the way home.  By the time I pulled in my driveway, I had figured out my problem with a website build for the new company, decided on a workout plan, and was part way through a menu plan for the next week.  BAM!  I was back and ready to take on world.  As a not-size-2 dark brunette who wears converse.  Yeah baby!


And, best thing of all, when I sat down at my computer this morning, I felt like writing.  Even if it is just to share my wonderful new hair color with you.  At least it’s something.










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