Sweet Success

The Kids in the Kitchen experiment was a great success!  The girls were more than thrilled to help out and ended up making the pumpkin pies almost completely by themselves.  I did a few teaching examples of how to roll dough and lifted it into the pie plates but they did the rest themselves.  And how proud were they on Thanksgiving when we cut into the pies that they made?!?!?


And it may have started something…when it came time to make the dishes for the Thanksgiving meal, they were right there, wanting to cut up fruit for the fruit salad, help with the devilled eggs, even peel potatoes.  We even got the boy into the kitchen to chop celery & onions for the stuffing.


All in all, the whole thing turned out great and I think I will have extra hands in my kitchen quite often now….


The girl’s pumpkin pies….

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