Stitch Fix, My Birthday Present to Me.

Long time, no blog…I know, I know…don’t be judgy.  Life happens.


So anyway, I just tried this new thing called Stitch Fix and I’m kind of excited about it.  Why is this any kind of a big deal and worth writing an entire blog post after months of silence?  Good question.  It’s a big deal because I am not a fashion person.  At all.  I would wear my Carhartt work clothes every  damn day if I had the choice.  The only reason why I have real, actual, grown-up type clothes is that I have a part-time job in an office downtown.  You can read about my adjustment to working outside my home office here:  Work Makes You Drink.


Now, back to Stitch Fix.  I’ve heard a few people talk about it lately so I thought I’d look it up and see if it was something that I wanted to try out.  It was also my birthday this month, so I figured I could get away with doing a little something in the name of turning 42.  All in all, it’s a pretty comprehensive sign-up process, you give them all of your details:  age, height, weight, clothing sizes, shoe sizes, style preferences, and price points.  You can even link your Pinterest boards which I thought was absolutely genius!  And really, I figured if I could have even a fraction of the clothes I’ve pinned to my Pinterest closet, it would be SO awesome!


Once you enter all of your info, you decide when you want your ‘fix’.  You can set it up to deliver automatically every 2 weeks or every month, but I chose to do it only when I requested it…because I’m kind of miser and don’t like to spend money even though I gave them the cheapest price points they offered for all the pieces.  Oh, and you can even request certain pieces in your fix.  Like I asked for a good casual dress, at least knee-length but not a maxi, that I could use as a foundation piece to dress up or down.


The way it works is that one of their stylist makes a selection of 5 pieces for you based on your information and requests.  It could be tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories and it’s different every time.  They ship them to you with a pre-paid return envelope so that anything you don’t want can be shipped back to them (within 3 days of receiving the package).  You can return all 5 pieces if you end up not liking them, and all it costs you is the $20 styling fee.  But, if you keep items, that amount gets credited toward the cost of whatever you keep.  And, if you end up keeping all 5 items, you get an additional 25% discount on top of that.


My first fix got here on Monday and this is the picture I got while I was at work to tell me that it arrived.  The girls were as excited as I was to open it so I had to make sure they waited until I got home!

Picture credit to Kate, Photobomb credit to Abby


They also send the pieces with ‘flashcards’ which is particularly cool for those of us that are style impaired…style challenged…style inept…style stupid…you get the point.  It gives you an idea of two different ways to wear the pieces they’ve included.  You can see that I got a dress (as requested) and four tops.

Helpful instructions on how to wear clothes…

Here’s my bountiful Stitch Fix box o’clothing:

It looks like it exploded clothing…


In the end, I only kept one shirt:  the chevron patterned, 1/2 sleeve one.  It fit really well and I loved the sleeves.  It was a brighter pattern than what I normally would have picked out but once I tried it on, I really liked it.  And I happen to have a lace camisole that was the same turquoise blue and looks really good under it (I already wore it today).  I was really looking forward to the dress but, unfortunately, it was too short and young looking for me.  It came to above the knee and the waist didn’t hit me at the right place so that got returned along with the other shirts, although if I wasn’t so cheap, I would have kept the green V-neck sweater because I kind of liked that one as well.  The shirt that I did keep was $54 but with the $20 styling fee applied to it, I only spent an additional $34.  I can handle that for a shirt that I like and fits well.


So…there you have it:  my quasi-review of Stitch Fix.  All in all, I really like it and I’m looking forward to scheduling my next fix in another month or so.  Now, get ready for some shameless self-promotion…ready for it?  OK, here it is:  if you decide you want to try it too than use this referral code and I get a $25 credit.  You like me, right?  I thought so.  Plus, then you can do the same thing to your friends and get credits too.  See how that works…we all get something for nothing…it’s the American dream, people.


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