Soccer Mom Squad aka We Are So F’ing Awesome

I’m sure you have all seen the #squad pics that our young’uns are all doing lately.  No?  Well then I’d like to know what color the sky is in your world.  ‘Cause they are everywhere.  And they mostly consist of the kids squatting or hunching down and putting one of their arms askew, sometimes pointing but not always, while the other is in the general vicinity of their face and generally looks like they are giving themselves a mustache.  I know, I’m very descriptive…it’s a gift.

Here’s an example of it…brought to you by my daughter’s soccer team:


Yes, that’s some serious #squad rep going on there.  Oh, but wait…what could be more awesome, more epic, more swagalicious (dear god, I think I just lost a brain cell by typing that)???  Why, Soccer Mom Squad, that’s what!!

Oh, yeah…we are pretty fucking awesome.  Hashtag that puppy with #soccermomsquad, bitches!

The best part of this picture?  The amount of embarrassment that we caused our respective children.   That was the truly epic part.

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