Ripper Street

Okay, so guys, I have found a most awesome TV series and I must share it with you!  It’s a BBC series called “Ripper Street” and it is most awesome.  Yes, I realize I said ‘most awesome’ twice but that is simply because it’s so true!


Here’s a little synopsis of why it’s such a great show:

1.  It stars Matthew Macfayden.  For those of you who don’t know who he is, and shame on you, he is Mr. Darcy from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie with Kiera Knightly.  And for those of you who still don’t know who that is…get out.  Just go now.  You are not welcome any longer.  Macfayden is the saucy part of how awesomesauce this show is.  He plays Detective Inspector Edmund Reid of H Division, the precinct in charge of Whitechapel during the Jack the Ripper attacks.  DI Reid is the backbone of the division with an even temper and broad minded way about him.  He’s not reactionary in a time and place where the mob rules the day and fear runs the streets.  In short, he’s the best anchor for a great cast.

2.  It’s BBC.  I love BBC shows…they are just good as a rule.  Top Gear, Prime Suspect, Dr. Who, Sherlock…so much excellence!  And yes, they are weird because they usually only have like 3 episodes per season and then they make you wait for ages until the next one (I’m looking at you Sherlock!), but they are worth the wait.  And Ripper Street does not disappoint.  The writing is quite good, creating layers to each character and revealing them only a bit at a time.  And every episode touches on something, or multiple things, that are controversial, truthful, and/or difficult.  And they do it in a way that points the light at the situation in a raw sort of way, exposing it but not calling out judgement, they leave that for the viewer.  The first episode jumps out of the gate with a story that revolves around the rise of pornography in that day and age…simply referred to then as ‘smut’.  It’s compelling and difficult and sets the bar quite high for the rest of the seasons.

3.  The supporting cast of characters & actors is equally great.  Every character has a story…and not just a half-assed “here’s this person and just enough to make them interesting”.  Nope.  First they bring in guys like Jerome Flynn, who also plays Bronn on Games of Thrones, then they give these characters full story lines that prove to be just as pivotal to the direction of the show and that makes it….wait for it….most awesome.  Flynn plays Detective Sgt. Bennet Drake, Reid’s right hand man.  His story line has actually brought tears to my eyes a time or two.  Add to this mix Adam Rothenberg, who plays the American ex-Pinkerton, Capt. Homer Jackson.  He, and his companion Long Susan, a local madam, hail from the States and have their own past that comes back to haunt the entire crew.


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Season 1 is on Netflix (that’s where I found it) but not Season 2….huge annoyance!  After looking around a bunch, I’ve found Season 2 on iTunes and Amazon.  The show was cancelled after Season 2 but it’s been saved by Amazon for a third season which just proved that someone there knows good TV.


So…go find this show and watch it!  Watch it, I say!

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