Review Night – Movies & Music

Every once in a while I throw out some random movie reviews and it’s been quite a while since I did one, so…strap in because tonight it’s a twofer.  You get a movie review and a review on a completely awesome band as well.


First, the movie:  The Family Stone.  This is my all time favorite Christmas movie.  Yes, even before A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and It’s A Wonderful Life.  In fact, I’m watching it right now.  And I will watch it again at least twice before this week is over.  It’s a beautiful movie about the holidays and the mess of families and life and death and all that goes with it.  It makes me cry every time and I love it all the more for it.  If it’s not on your Christmas movie watch list, you should most definitely add it.



Now the music:  Twenty One Pilots.  This band.  It’s so great, so amazingly great.   I can’t even accurately describe this band…and they can’t either.




I have to credit Abby with finding this band and adding it to our family’s musical playlist.  She is a rabid fan, so much so that we got her tickets to their concert next July for her 14th birthday.  2 tickets…so I can go too!


I just love these guys…they’re so weird and wonderful with crazy great lyrics.  Oh, the lyrics!  They are so good!  So smart, so open, and so very honest with the listeners.  They don’t dumb anything down, they speak openly and honestly, and they do it such an intelligent way.


Here’s my favorite song & video (at least today…I love so many of them that it changes rapidly):


Did you catch the lyrics at the end?  If not, here they are:



How great are those?  Answer: SO GREAT!  I would so much rather my kids listen to these types of lyrics than something like Nikki Minaj or Kanye or anything in mainstream country because those things require no thought.  None.  Those things are the musical equivalent of the Twilight series.  They have no depth, no thought process, no meaning.  Give me some weirdness and thought provoking lyrics any day.


Here’s another one that I love called Car Radio.  Another great song and amazing video…seriously, watch the crowd toward the end…such a level of respect for the band, that just speaks volumes to me.


OK, enough gushing.  But seriously, they are awesome and you should listen to them and like them.  That is all.

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