Random Movie Review – Some good ones this time

I realize that most of my movie reviews, as random as they are, tend to be me expressing my distaste for a movie in colorful language.  So, hold on to your hats, I thought I’d change it up a bit and talk about 2 movies we just watched that we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Before we even get to the movies, let’s talk about how rare it is to find a movie that both me and hubs likes, let alone me, him, the boy, the moody middle child, and the stubborn youngest.  Seriously.  That’s like the freakin’ holy grail of family time, people.  And not only did we luck into one such movie, we also hit the jackpot on another one just a few days later.  We are in uncharted move-watching territory here.


Also, let me preface one more thing…you’ve probably already seen these movies because we don’t ‘go to the movies’ very often to see things when they are bright and shiny and new.  We wait until they are slightly used and smudged and able to be rented.


OK…on to the first movie:  Maleficent.  I didn’t have high hopes for this movie because I’m not really a Disney story kinda person.  Which may be why I liked this movie about the “villain” so much.  It was a nice twist on the saccharine sweet story of Sleeping Beauty and I really enjoyed Angelina Jolie in the title role.  All 5 of us watched it together and as the credits rolled all 5 of us agreed that it was a really good movie.  Perhaps it’s because we all went into it with low expectations and it didn’t have to do much to reach that threshold but it ended up getting 2 thumbs up from the Patrick clan.


A few days later we decided to watch a movie that was one of those that you think “oh, that would probably be a good one…” but then put back on the shelf and end up with a horror movie or a some other silly thing.  That one would be “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  Again, didn’t have super high expectations of this being anything but mediocre…perhaps that is the key to enjoy movies:  zero expectations?  But anyway, I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie.  What we got was another movie that we all enjoyed and didn’t feel like we wasted 2 hours of our lives. Ben Stiller is really good.   My favorite part is when he long boards down the hill in Iceland…you could just see the character peeling away the years of responsibility that he had taken upon himself as a teenager.


So…2 movies watched and 2 movies enjoyed.  That, my friends, is a record in this house!

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