I used to quilt.  A lot.  There was a time when just about everyone that we knew that was having a baby got a handmade baby quilt from me; I was happily busy making little bits of warmth for people.  In fact, two of my most treasured possessions are the quilt registry books I have with fabric samples and pictures of almost every quilt I’ve made…there are 71 quilts recorded in these books.  By the way, the registries were made and given to me by my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rickman, who is also one of the best hand-quilters in the community…how’s that for small town Americana.

And I used to have a long arm quilting machine so I could quilt all my own tops and provide the service for other quilters.  It was a nice little side business and while it never made a ton of money, I used to do enough work in a month to pay for groceries (and with a family of 5, that’s kind of a big deal!).

I sold that machine several years ago when my other jobs began taking up more of my time and energy, in fact I wrote about my difficulty in leaving it behind here: The Quilt Business That Wouldn’t Die. Now that I have more time again, I’m anxious to start working on quilts again.  First up: a quilt for Wyatt!

Homespun fabrics for Wyatt’s Quilt
“Three Tours Quilt Pattern” – what it should look like when I’m done.

And just to give myself some inspiration, and perhaps brag just a little, here’s a look at some of the quilts I’ve made in the past. These are just a small number of them because I lost a lot my quilt photos several years ago (thank goodness for those quilt registries!).

Turquoise and Brown Baby Boy Quilt
Mixed Flannel Shift Quilt
Pinks & Yellows – Baby Girl Quilt
Greens & Purples Baby Quilt – Yellow Brick Road Pattern
Sleepy Lambs Nine Patch Baby Quilt
Baby Boy Quilt – Yellow Brick Road Pattern
Bow Tie or Spool Pattern Baby Quilt
Mod Fabrics Baby Quilt
“Brights” – Yellow Brick Road Pattern Baby Quilt
Close up of the stippling on the reverse of the “Brights” quilt – all over meander with variegated thread.
Winnie the Pooh Baby Quilt
Acid Green & Pink Baby Quilt (same pattern as the Turquoise & Brown version)
Bright Windmills Baby Quilt
Retro Printed Rail Block Baby Quilt
Retro Browns & Blues Baby Quilt
“Tuscany Stars” Lap Quilt
Windowpane Lap Quilt
“Truck 2” Shift Quilt
Squares in Squares Scrappy Baby Quilt
More Acid Greens & Pinks – Baby Quilt
Small Scrappy Baby Quilt
Hanging from a Star Baby Quilt
Baby Bears Baby Quilt
Pink Chocolates Baby Quilt
Quilting Sample – Feathered Scroll


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