Pinterest…now a verb.

Oh Pinterest…your greatness now defies basic grammar.  What was once just a proper noun has become a verb.  Much like Google, you have become a cross-over phenom.  How do I know this you might ask?  What english language expertise do I possess?  Well, very little actually.  But, my 13 year old daughter has enlightened me.


After a long 2 hours in Costco doing our biannual stock up shopping, {for more on how I feel about this event simply look back to earlier this spring and find “My Trip to Costco (also called Amy loses her shit)’, it’ll explain everything} the eldest daughter was enjoying a Costco fruit smoothie on the drive home.  So much so that she had to find out how to make a copy-cat version of it at home.  Pulling out her phone she said, “I’m going to Pinterest it”.  Wham.  A verb.  Just like that.


And you know what?  I’ve done that very same thing.  When I want to find a recipe or a craft or a book or poster with a witty verse written in a hipster font, I go to Pinterest.  Sorry Google…it’s true.  I had just never put it into a sentence before to realize that it had become a verb.  Now…go forth and Pinterest.

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