Paintball Birthday

This weekend we took 9 kids up to Camp Dakota for our middle child’s 14th birthday.  Yes, she chose to paintball for her birthday…that’s just one reason I love that kid.  So, we had five 14 year old girls, three 12 year old girls, and one 16 year old boy (when you’re the older brother, you get drug along to everything).  It was a blast!  If you’ve never been up to Camp Dakota, you should check it out!  They have 2 paintball courses, a ropes course, 7 zip lines, a climbing wall, and camping spots….lots of fun stuff basically.


We just went for the paintball and started the day out on their bigger course with everyone else.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend, and decent weather, their were quite a few people out there with us.  The big course has got several bunkers and old cars and things to use during the games; it’s a lot of fun but they usually pick teams to not only is it a little like being in high school again, but if you came in a group you probably won’t play in one. After one round we decided it would be better to go down to their smaller course and be able to play in just our group.


That’s where the fun really began!  The smaller course has lots of plywood structures to hunker down behind (you can tell I’m a camper when it comes to these things…it’s a viable strategy people!).  It’s more like an urban layout, as opposed to the big course being more of a wildland area.  There was only one other group there, another group of kids there for a birthday, so we just switched out with them and the games went fast.  And since it was just our group, the girls got a chance to shoot each other.  And don’t let the ‘teenage girl’ thing fool you….these girls came to play!  By the end of the time they were covered in yellow paint and big smiles.  Well, almost all of them were covered in paint…one girl was like a ninja and never got hit the whole time!


At the end of one match both of my girls were the last ones on the field on opposite teams.  Kate had Abby pinned down behind a plywood wall about 15 feet away from her bunker.  All of a sudden, Abby went all Kurt Russell in Tombstone and just walked out from behind it and right at Kate, firing the whole time.  Kate ducked down to avoid being shot and Abby made it right up to the bunker wall….that’s went Kate came back up to fire and shot Abby pretty much point blank in the face mask at least twice.  Everyone that was watching was like “Ooohhhhhh!”.  But it was all smiles when the masks came off…nothing like working out a little sisterly aggression with paint and CO2.


By the end of the day Mike was covered in yellow paint because he and Wyatt were the first ones anybody tried to take out when the games started.  At one point, they took on all of us girls but that round ended pretty fast.  I, on the other hand, only got shot one time the whole day, but it definitely won the ‘who’s got the biggest welt’ contest:

Paintball to the inside of the knee/thigh…this was what it looked like that evening. Kind of like a jawbreaker…
And the next day...lovely.
And the next day…lovely.



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