Coffee is the root of all evil…

Holy shit, people…it’s like the world has gone all topsy turvy and coffee is to blame.  Seriously, it’s caused so much irreverent offense that it should be scolded and put in the corner.  Go, coffee, go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. So, here in America we’ve had the Starbucks HolidayCupGate event going on where people […]

Wonder Woman is the shit.

Wyatt just had to have an updated sports physical (because he decided to wrestle the year after all: WA-freakin’-HOOO!!!), and apparently he needed some updates on his vaccinations so they treated him to Wonder Woman bandaids on both of his shoulders.  I thought it was awesome…him, not so much.

You Think You Have Time…

Our oldest just started his senior year and he plans on entering the military right after he graduates, which means we have roughly 9 months before he leaves us for parts unknown.  9 months.  Mildly poetic, I suppose.  Damn, it seems like it was just yesterday when we started all of this having-kids-and-being-parents stuff.  And it felt like time dragged […]

A Sports Mom With No Sports or “Amy Is Sad”

I am adrift, people.  I am experiencing something that hasn’t happened in over 11 years: I am a sports mom with no kids in sports.  I know, it’s quite tragic.  All those years of driving kids to practices, tournaments, games & matches.  All those evenings of crockpot meals, PB&J sandwiches eaten on the go in the car, packing team snacks, […]