Our Pets

Alright, let’s catch up on another post that should have been done days ago.  Today, which is last Friday for anyone out there keeping score, I’ve chosen to be thankful for our pets.  Why? Well because even though they are kind of a pain in the bahookie, they bring a certain joy to our lives that we would be sorely missing if we didn’t have them.


We have 3 pets:  One dog named Smudge and two cats named Nala & Chloe.  We’ve had smudge since Abby was 2 so he’s getting up there and it’s starting to show.  He’s got more white on his muzzle and he moves a little slower coming up the porch steps.  He’s not really trained, can’t do anything more than sit and lay down on a good day, but he’s protective of our kids and the property and he catches the occasional gopher which keeps him in Michael’s good graces.  And when Mike’s gone on shift, it makes me feel better to have the dog inside…especially with silly drunk teenagers around who wreck their car at 2:30 in the morning and pound on your door to ask if they can borrow your tractor.

Kate & Abby's Pics (52)
Smudge – our fearless guard dog

The cats are another story all together.  We started the cat adventure one summer when we wanted to get a barn cat to battle the mouse uprising we had going on out in the barn.  So we headed to the humane society because they were having a sale.   Yes, we are that cheap….we only bought cats on sale.  Anyway, we got 2 of them and installed them in the barn which was fine except the girls kept messing with them and packing them around.  We decided that an inside cat would give the girls a pet that wasn’t covered in dust and mouse dirt and crap from the barn.  So, the next month we headed back to the humane society for a third cat.  That was Chloe.  She became our inside cat and the girls loved her.  And then 2 months later the back door got left ajar and she ran away.  All weekend long the girls walked around the place, calling for Chloe and crying.  Come Monday, Michael and I were headed back to the humane society again.  At this point, I think they were beginning to think we were satanists or eating them or something.  But, we came home with the fourth cat in as many months, Nala.  Then, 2 days after bringing Nala home, I walked out the back door to find Smudge parking at the generator shed.  I pulled open the door and, you guessed it, there were Chloe’s little green eyes looking at me.  So…that’s how we ended up with 2 inside cats.  Much to Michael’s dismay.

Chloe looking cute and cuddly
But this is her “I kill you” look


Chloe is definitely the girls’ cat.  They pack her around, smooth her little face, roll her into a ball…and she just comes back for more.  In fact, when they are gone at school she sits at the door and meows for them.  Nala, on the other hand, has adopted me as her person.  And freakishly so.  We call her the stalker-cat because she is always following me from room to room.   It weirds me out a little.  It weirds Mike out too.  Although as much as he likes to say that he hates the cats, I have photographic proof that he like them.  I would post it on here but I’d like to stay married so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


This is how Nala watches The Walking Dead
Seriously, stalker much?

When you live on a farm where you routinely kill animals each season for food, I think it’s good for the kids to have pets that stick around and become part of the family.  And I have to admit, I like it when Nala snuggles up at my feet at night or lays on my lap while I crochet…it’s comforting to have a little companion around like that.




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