Our family language

Languages…that’s what I’m thankful for today.  Sounds pretty freakin’ odd, doesn’t it?  Yeah, well…that’s pretty much par for course with me.  What I mean is that we all have our own languages, or words, or slang, that we speak with those closest to us.  That little shorthand that you use to talk to you best bud, or the secret words that have a double meaning that only your significant other knows…those are things we develop with people we spend time with and they connect us to one another.   I’m sure there is some kind of sociological study about it all and if I weren’t so lazy I’d look it up.  But, your just gonna have to trust me on this one.


In our family we have a weird language that is made up of not-so-run-of-the-mill terms of endearment like ‘goober’ and ‘dingleberry’ and ‘dork’.  I call my kids ‘little weirdos’ all the time and it really is a term of affection.  Now, realizing that most other families don’t have this wonderful little dialogue, we’ve made sure to tell our kids not call people these things unless they really do know that it won’t hurt their feelings.  But in our house, you can hear these words fly around all the time.  Usually accompanied by laughter and teasing and goofing around.


And we speak in movie quotes, as I’ve mentioned before, and a lot of inside joke references that make no sense to anyone else.  Walk up to any one of my kids and say “Knock, Knock…Skittles!” and they’ll burst out laughing.  I’d explain it but it would ruin the whole ‘secret language’ thing.  Plus, I really don’t think I could relate the story in any cohesive manner…it was just silliness on top of silliness.


So yeah, I’m thankful for our own little language because every time we use it, we’re cementing the memories that are attached to each word and phrase.  In the long run, I hope that is one of the things that will bind us together as a family even after the kids are grown.

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