One Million Moms Can’t Be Wrong…Or Can They?

I recently found the Facebook page for “One Million Moms” through an article on Zite referencing their outrage over Honeymaid’s most recent commercial featuring {gasp} a same sex couple.


There’s so much to say here but let’s start with the most pressing thing on my little mind: I don’t believe for one moment that there are one million moms taking part in this ridiculousness. But I suppose that “A Few Hundred Overreacting Women” doesn’t have the same ring to it. So they call themselves “One Million Moms” (OMM) and just hope that we’ll believe them. According to their FB page they are only 935,428 off, so you know, close enough.


Now, the commercial that has caused all the kerfuffle is said to be “changing the meaning the word wholesome” (a direct quote) by including people who are different than the usual family dynamic.  Oh. Em. Gee.


Just so you don’t have to take my cynical word for it, just click here for the commercial.  You can judge for yourself…go ahead, I’ll wait right here until you get back.


Holy shitballs, right?  I mean, what was Honeymaid thinking? Inked dads eating Teddy Grahams?  The world is not ready for this. Oh, the humanity!


Ok, so all this brings me back to OMM’s Facebook page. I began scrolling through the posts calling on these one million (or not) moms to pray for latest perceived attacks on families and Christianity. And the more I read the more annoyed I became. First because these women just took whatever the post said at face value and followed like deaf & dumb sheep.  “Yes, this terrible.”  “Boycott Teddy Grahams!”  “Graham crackers are the devil” (I might be paraphrasing here)  OMM even posts a standardized prayer to be prayed for some of the offending topics.  No kidding, they actually say, “here is a prayer you can say on behalf of….”.  Apparently it’s like a form letter to God.  Which I’m thinking is probably as annoying to him as they are to us.


People, we as Christians are not called to blindly follow another’s opinion.  We’ve been told to test and think and use our minds. Yes, I said ‘we’. Because I am Christian. Am I a stellar Christian? Nope. I cuss much more than I should and I have arguably more liberal views than some would like (hence the fact that I don’t think same sex marriage is the end of civilization). But, I believe that Jesus is my savior and I have a relationship with Him. In that relationship we are working through my sins and faults (i.e. cussing, among other things) but that is between me and Him. No one else. Which is why I will not stand in judgement of another Christian who is working through their own issues that just happen to be different than mine.


The other reason I became more annoyed as I read this is that it’s not doing any good.  Woah, slow your roll…before you freak out, let me clarify:  I believe that prayer is powerful and that we are called to pray continually.  But … I don’t believe that the way in which this organization is trotting out a laundry list of shows/commercials/companies that they deem offensive and then issuing a form prayer to be recited is productive.  It’s reactionary and futile.  Here’s a snap shot of what they have posted as recently offensive activities that need reckoning:

– The afore mentioned Honey Maid debacle

– Red Robin and it’s D.G.B., which stands for D*mn Great Burger

– Ram Trucks and it’s “profanity laced” commercial (the one where they say ‘Hell Yes’)

– Chevrolet for a commercial that featured 2 gay dads (car choices are getting dicey folks)

– The show ‘2 Broke Girls’ (it is a subpar show, I actually agree; but then again, I just don’t watch it – how novel.)

– The 50th Anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition (Really?  Just…really?  Did you expect something different?)

– A show called “The Fosters”  (never seen it so I have no input here)

– An episode of “Good Luck Charlie” that has 2 moms

– Staple’s “What the L?” commercials because they are “mock swearing”  (What the F?)

– Kmart’s “I Ship My Pants” commercials – again with the mock swearing

-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

– Girl Scouts and their cookies (those evil little trollops and their sugary goodness)

– And my personal favorite, a boycott of the show Dracula…again, really?  What do you expect a show about the big bad undead dude to encompass?  There are literally hundreds of channels out there…find one that is airing something more your speed.  It’s not rocket surgery people.


The list goes on and on and on and on.  Everyone from JC Penny to Slim Fast to Oreos to Geico to Ragu to Skittles.  I’m not even making this up…go read it.  I’m not linking it here just because I’m snarky that way but it’s not hard to find.


Here’s the thing: I believe that they think these things are bad.  I believe that they think they are fighting the good fight.  I believe that their fervor is misplaced.  If they put this much energy into educating their children to be kind, merciful members of society who can come alongside others who may not hold the same beliefs, in ways that fosters communication and understanding, then that would be a much more effective use of their time.  If they themselves took a break from sitting in judgment and climbed down off their high horses, they just might find that there are Christians down here at ground level doing the real work of the gospel.  Trying to model a perfect being but never getting it right because we are broken and then acknowledging that brokenness to others, not hiding it.  That’s what I think we should be doing, but what do I know?  I’m not a million-mom.  I’m just one mom.

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  1. Well said! People like to sit in judgment and get all high and mighty, but for pete sake … change the channel. No one if forcing you to watch or participate. There are so many other, more useful avenues to pursue.

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