Now vs. Then

Wow…it’s been about 7 months since the last time I wrote anything.  Not just on here but creative writing in general.  And so very much has occurred over those last 7 months that I don’t even know where to start.  I’m vapor-locked by the sheer tonnage of ‘stuff’ that’s happened over the course of my writing break and I can’t really wrap my head around how to begin again.


So, I’m just starting at the now.  And the now is a lot different than the then.  And that’s OK because things change in life and seasons come and go and the now is what matters.  Right?  Right.  Ok then…let’s get started.


Things I will probably be writing about in the future:

-What it’s like to be a mom with a son at basic training and in the military, in general, in this time of ongoing war and a new President and possibly a new kick-ass Secretary of Defense.

-Setting priorities for what you want life to be…in other words, it’s ok to let somethings go so you can make room for other things.

-How my role as a Mom is changing – it’s weird, it’s unnerving, it’s sad, and it’s cool…all at the same time.

-Random snarky stuff (some things never, ever change).

-Sports stuff…it is hockey season, after all, and the Flyers have won 7 straight games.  SEVEN!!!


And lots of other things that come to mind now that I’m trying to write again.  Stay tuned…but don’t hold your breath because obviously my writing schedule is pretty sketchy.  Meh.



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