My Smart Ass Daughter

Both of my girls have some quick wits on them.  But, my youngest daughter is particularly talented in the smartass category.


When I picked up the kids at school today, she climbed in the car and told me that a boy had slapped her across the face today.  My first reaction was shock…what the hell?!?!  My next reaction was ‘uh oh’…what had Abby done back to him???  So after I got the story of what exactly had happened I asked her, “what did you do?”  She said, very calmly:  “I didn’t hit him back mom, don’t worry.  I told him I couldn’t hit him because I’m not supposed to hit women.”  Then she proceeded to tell him that he better sleep with one eye open because her big brother was coming for him.


Ya….I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about that girl.

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