My Girls Rock

This Saturday was the opening game of my girls’ spring soccer season.  As I’ve alluded to in other posts, I love sports, so you know I was excited!  I just love to see my girls out there on the field learning all the great things that sports can teach them:  teamwork, winning well, losing well, sportsmanship and self-worth.


Anyway, this season is doubly great because both of my girls are on the same team.  Kate, my older girl, is technically a U11 age but playing on a U12 team.  Abby, my younger one, is usually in the U9 age bracket but was able to play up with the U12 team also.  Both of my girls are the same height right now: short. In fact, our whole team is short…little…on the small side.   And all the other teams are tall…big…huge.  So, it gets a little rough out there on the field with younger, smaller girls taking on the bigger, older ones.


My girls didn’t even flinch!  Kate plays defender, or fullback, and she was blocking balls left & right!  Sacrificing her body by taking shots to the stomach and legs…never pulling up or backing off once!  It was amazing!  Abby plays midfielder & forward.  She was taking on girls feet taller than herself to get that ball.  What she couldn’t do with muscle & size, she did with footwork & agility…never giving an inch!


Watching them on the field fills me with pride and hope for their amazing futures.  Whether they are on the soccer field, in the classroom or out on their own in the future, I know my girls are tough, resilient and talented…and that will take them where ever they want to go.

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