My Favorite Things. Ever.

These are my favorite things of all time:



That’s it…just a blank pad of paper and a smooth-writing pen.  Oh man, you have no idea how happy these two things can make me.  I love to write lists:  shopping lists, to-do lists, blog topic lists.  Lists, lists, sweet lists.  And the pleasure I receive from crossing the items off of those lists is almost embarrassing.  I will even write down something that I did but forgot to put on the list, just so I can cross it off.  I know, I know…OCD much?


My husband thinks it’s silly and doesn’t understand why I don’t use the apps on our phones but it’s just not the same.  Although I have found a new one that I really like called Wunderlist but even it does not match up to just a plain old paper and pen.


If I had to draw a picture of my brain, it would be a pad of paper.  And I would draw it on my pad of paper.  With my pen.  Very low tech.  But then I would post it on my blog and link it to my Twitter feed and maybe take a picture of it on my smartphone to put on Instagram.

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