My Book Girl

I just read this amazing article on NPR and I must share it.  Must.




This article, The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit the Earth, pretty much just described, in scarily accurate detail, our youngest daughter.  She is a Book Girl, through and through.  And so are her friends.  In fact, they just took a trip to Powell’s for one of their birthdays (shout out to Nancy for being both brave and awesome for taking seven 12 year old girls to Portland on her own!) because that’s what Book Girls do.


I love that the article points out that Book Girls are usually always something else too.  Abby is both book nerd and jock, fangirl and tomboy, farm kid and alt rocker.  I love that because it’s not just “Book Girls”… all girls are that way.  Kate is equal parts Lord of the Rings fan and soccer beast and fashion designer and archer and would-be-world-traveler.  That’s what makes them so damn cool!

Reading time on the way to soccer games…

But reading is an awesome trait to have because it opens so many doors to so many worlds.  It also increases their vocabulary greatly.  I had an argument with Abby in which she used the term “subtext” against me…as in, what I had asked her to do was not explicitly spelled out but instead inferred as subtext.   Oye!




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