Mother’s Day at the Lake

Today was one of the best Mother’s Days ever.  After missing several years due to bad weather or sickness, we were able to take the boat out for our traditional Mother’s Day on the lake.  Since we bought the boat 7 years ago, we’ve tried to make Mother’s Day our first lake day of the season.


Yes, the water is freezing but it’s worth it.  In years past, I’ve gotten in the water to wakeboard just so I could say I was the first one in the water that year.  Not so much anymore.  I’m perfectly content to sit in the boat and soak up the sun while the kids brave the hypothermia-inducing water.


And today was exceptional.  We got to the lake around 10:30 in the morning and there were only a few boats already out.  The weather was perfect…warm & sunny & beautiful.  The kids jumped in the water and Mike & I sat on the boat with the sun shining down and Jack Johnson singing our soundtrack.  Those are the moments you want to freeze and keep forever…I guess that is what I’m trying to do by writing it down.


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