Mom at Work

I work from home, as I’ve mentioned before, and it’s a pretty sweet set-up.  Really, I have nothing to complain about…my commute is non-existant and my schedule can be flexed around practices, games, forgotten lunches and such.  And I can work in my husband’s fuzzy slippers.


But, it also has it’s challenges, especially in the summer when the kids are home and don’t really grasp the concept of ‘mom’s at work’ because we can see mom right there.  And if she’s right there, then I can ask her to play with me or to find my random-item-that-is-not-really-lost-I’m-just-too-lazy-to-actually-look-for-it-myself or to make me a sammich.  See, my office is not a room, per say…it’s part of our front room, or parlor, if you will…and it does not have a door. It’s basically just around the corner from the family room and you just walk into it.  All the time.  Even when I’m on the phone.

So…this summer I made this sign and hung it on the front of my desk where the children can see it when they walk in to bother me with their randomness.


It did not have the desired effect.  Each child came by, read it, laughed and then proceeded to ask whatever it was they were going to ask anyway.  -Sigh-

Oh well…school starts next week and then I will have a quiet house in which to work my little heart out.  And then I’ll be wishing they were hanging around, asking me for stuff and being too loud while I’m on the phone.  Or that there really were zombies at the front door because that would be cool…





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