Mixtape for my kids

Sometimes I wish it was like the 80s again and when we wanted to say how we felt for someone, we would make a mix-tape of songs to express ourselves.   We put alot of time and thought into making sure those songs said what we couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say ourselves.  I remember sitting with my handheld tape player, recording songs from the radio or another tape player…if you were getting songs from the radio you have to be quick on the ‘stop’ button so you didn’t get the dj or the next song.


There are alot of things I would like to say to my kids but it seems like life takes my voice sometimes.  Either I’m getting after them for their horribly messy bathroom or because they didn’t do their homework or because they are eating a piece of cake for a snack.  Or, like right now, I just can’t bring myself to go there…for a vareity of reasons.  So…here’s my mix-tape to my kids.  There’s something in each of these songs that I want to pass on to my kids…sometimes it’s something obvious and sometimes it’s just a feeling I have when I listen to these songs.


Jack Johnson – Go On

Jack Johnson – Better Together

Jack Johnson – If I Could

Gary Allen – Life Aint Always Beautiful

Jennifer Knapp – Martyrs & Thieves

Jennifer Knapp – Lay It Down

Kutless – Strong Tower

Monk & Neagle – The Twenty First Time

Natalie Merchant – Wonder

Nickel Creek – The Hand Song

Nickel Creek – When You Come Back Down

Phil Wickham – Divine Romance

Sheryl Crow – Lullaby For Wyatt

Tenth Avenue North – Love Is Here

Tenth Avenue North – Hold My Heart

Addison Road – All That Matters

JJ Heller – When I’m With You

JJ Heller – What Love Really Means

JJ Heller – Boat Song

JJ Heller – Back Home

JJ Heller – Keep You Safe

JJ Heller – Lullaby

Jars of Clay – The Valley Song

Jars of Clay – Two Hands

Jars of Clay – Something Beautiful


This list could be revised and added to daily…music is such a big part of my life and an emotional outlet for me.  It communicates to me and for me and someday I want my kids to hear all the things that these songs represent spoken from my mouth.

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