Ok, I give.  I’m done with this Everyday Thankfulness crap.  Not the actual being thankful part, just the part where I write about it everyday.  Obviously I suck at that part.  And I decided that about a week ago and just chose not to write about it because I was being rebellious.  Yeah, that’s me….rebelling against myself.  But you know how it is, when you are supposed to do something and then you don’t and the longer you don’t do it the more you really don’t want to because now there’s been that time elapse…does that make sense?


Anyway, I decided that I had one more Thankful to write about before I scrapped the whole project and just went back to being thankful in my head.  And this one is the most important one of all of them because without it all the other Thankfuls probably wouldn’t even be around.  So my final Thankful is for Michael.  I know it sounds cliche to be thankful for your spouse and it’s usually the first one anybody whips out when asked what they are thankful for (that and kids) which is why I’ve saved it for last.  There’s that unruly rebellious streak again….damn I’m a badass.


What most people don’t get is that Mike & I are pretty much one person who God split up at birth and sent to different families and we didn’t even realized it until we finally found each other and felt that perfect connection again.  I didn’t know until I met Mike that things could be like this.  We really do make each other better and whole. Cue the Doctor Evil “You complete me” line.  Seriously though, I trust and respect and love Mike to level I didn’t even know existed within me and that in itself makes me a better person.


Everything we have, everything I am, comes from him.  And for you women who read this and squirm at the sound of a woman drawing her identity from her husband….don’t.  The beauty is that I am more myself with Mike than I ever was before.  He has encouraged me to push my own boundaries and challenge myself to do more, be more, than I would have done on my own.  Every woman feels that fear of losing your identity when you marry and especially when you have children.  And I’m not going to lie, there are times that I have felt that way.  When you are referred to as Mike’s wife or (insert child’s name here)’s mom enough times without anyone ever asking your actual name, it happens.  But I have never felt that Michael would allow that to really happen.  We truly are the best foundations for each other to build up from and base lives upon.


He’s a great father and role model for our kids, he’s funny and caring, he’s protective and loving, he’s smart and strong, and he’s the only person I would ever want to spend my entire life with.  I’ve known since early on in our relationship that my heart was safe in his care and now it’s like it was never even my own to begin with, it was just waiting to find it’s resting place with him again.  He is my biggest Thankful now and always.




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