Memento Mori

I’ve been thinking about time, and it’s speediness, alot lately.  I have two big things that I can point to as the reasoning for this train of thought:  my kids and a vivid reminder of mortality.


My kids are constant reminders of how quickly time goes.  It’s a sneaky thing though…when your around people every day you really don’t notice the changes that are happening.  Which is why I love that my husband has set our computer up to scroll family pictures as our screen saver.  When I’m working at the desk, I will look up to see a picture of Wyatt as a 3 year old, all bundled up to play in the snow.  Or a 2 year old Kate giving me her gremlin face.  Or Abby, just last year, on the soccer field.  No matter what the age of the kid, its always a reminder of how quickly they change and grow.  And then there’s the way my son is growing…he’s pushing 5’10”, his feet are huge and he eats everything that’s not green.  The other day he looked at me, or should I say, he looked down at me and I could see facial hair!  Facial hair, people!


The other reminder…a very potent reminder…was the passing of my brother-in-law.  He was just shy of his 46th birthday.  46.  That’s only 8 years older than me.  His diagnosis was so out-of-left-field, which I suppose is the way for most of them.  And, as I suppose it is with most every death, it seems so unfair.  It  makes me realize that time can be so short and it can be taken away before we can do all that we think we will do ‘someday’.  I have so many ‘somedays’ in my life:  someday I want to write a book, someday I will try sushi, someday I will travel to New England in the fall, someday we’ll take the kids on a cross- country road trip through all the states, someday I want to dive with sharks. Someday.  Someday.  Except someday might not come.  Someday doesn’t come for everyone and it might not come for me.  Morbid, but true.  And something to remember…that’s my Memento Mori. 

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