Little packets of awesome


***Before I start this post I should give the disclaimer that I’m currently listening to the Flyers/Rangers game and they are losing…so there may be periodical outbursts of frustration and obscenity.***


I got awesomeness in the mail today.  It came in the form of little packets of seeds from Territorial Seed Company.  And it signals the beginning of my gardening season!  Yeah me!


I’m excited to start most of these indoors next week so I’ll have nice big seedlings when it comes time to plant out in the garden.  And I learned my lesson last year:  no planting outside until mid-to-late May!  Last year I got tricked by the super nice weather we had really early in the month and planted out all of my 270 seedlings.  Then it rained.  For 3 weeks.  All of the 80+ tomato seedlings I had planted just disintegrated…along with the 20+ cucumber seedlings and all the melons and pumpkins.  They were just gone after those 3 weeks of rain and I ended up having to buy seedlings to replant.  So this year I will be patient and not plant until late in the month.

***Seriously guys, come on….thank God for Mason***

I’ve got tomatoes (Heinz, Saucy & Oregon Spring), peppers (California Wonder & Hot Pepper Mix), cauliflower (Amazing), broccoli (Umpqua), lettuce (Valmaine & Little Gem), zucchini (Black Beauty), pole beans (Blue Lake), cabbage (Derby Day), cucumbers (Homemade Pickles), carrots (Mignon), watermelon (Moon & Stars), cantaloupe (Minnesota Midget), pumpkins (Winter Luxury), and sunflowers (Sunseed & Floistan).

This is the time of year that our dining room table and eating nook become my makeshift greenhouse.  Last year I had trays of seedlings covering the table, on the side tables and even on chairs.  So basically, for the months of April and May we don’t get to eat at that table.  But as busy as our schedule is during those two months, we don’t have a lot of time for family dinners there anyway.

***shit shit shit shit….son of a bitch Flyers…you’re killing me!***

The plan is to move our shed over to the garden and convert that into a greenhouse so maybe next year I can start them out there instead.

***Lundqvist is too good….my boys can’t get anything to break***

I’m also planning on doubling the size of our blueberry patch and adding a 30′ row each of Triple Crown blackberries, raspberries and Marionberries.  In short, my garden should be pretty freakin’ awesome if I can get all this done.

***Are F-ing kidding me?  3 unanswered goals….I’m losing my mind here ***

OK, I’m totally distracted from my gardening mojo by this game so I’m going to go sit in a corner and finish listening to what sounds like a loss to my Flyers.  If I stay on here it’ll just mean a bunch of curse words strung togethers with no sensibility whatsoever.  UGH.



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