Kim Davis, Political Leverage & What, If Anything, It Has To Do With My Faith.

{Note:  I saved this as a draft because I felt like it rambled a bit and I wasn’t as cogent as I wanted it to be.  In that time, I just about deleted it.  Then I saw this video and decided not to because it seemed to prove my point better than my post originally would have…so I went ahead and hit ‘publish’.}



I’m a little annoyed (shocker, I know) and here’s why:  Kim Davis.  I’ve been dodging this thing for weeks now, expecting the clock to tick down on her 15 minutes of fame a little quicker than it has,  waiting for her to go off into obscurity with the rest of the wackados.  But, not only do I keep seeing her on the news, the amount of Christians rallying around her is mystifying, and not a little unsettling, to me.  People who I believe are level-headed individuals are singing this Duggar Family reject’s praises.  I’m at a loss….


Here’s why:  I believe she, and this movement around her, is only creating more distance & more of a divide between our religion and people who don’t share our views.  In essence, what she’s doing is underscoring the popular belief that Christians are hypocritical haters with holier-than-thou complexes.  And let’s face it, a lot of people who put themselves in the limelight and profess their faith tend to come across that way and then they fuck it up, prove what everyone expected, and we all look bad.  I would use the Duggars as a ‘case in point’ here but I couldn’t stand them from the beginning and their ‘Quiverfull’ religion doesn’t represents my faith anyway.


And the reason I think this, and why I decided to write this post today, is that I believe Kim Davis has selfish motivations and is intentionally seeking the spotlight.  I don’t believe she truly cares about the lives & souls of those whom she denied marriage licenses.  And she is now being used as a chess piece, a martyr, by the media and a politically-driven, agenda-minded Right that sees a divisiveness that they can use to their advantage in the upcoming Presidential race.  Given the amount of people who appeared & spoke at the rally in honor of her release today, I would say that she’s only the spark, not the behind the brains, in this issue.


{After watching the video above, can anyone really say that she is not absolutely basking in the limelight???  I mean really…The Eye of the Tiger???  Gaahhh!}


Let’s break a few things down so we can move on to the question I really want to ask.  First, she can believe whatever the hell she wants.  THAT is protected in the constitution.  And she can talk about what she believes.  THAT is also protected in the constitution.  And, as an elected official you can still do both of those things.  BUT…as an elected official, when you do not choose to uphold the laws of the land, for whatever reason, you are in the wrong.  If she had decided that she did not want to issue marriage licenses to bi-racial couples because she believed that it was against her faith, this would not be an issue.  The country, save a few dumbness that will always be there, would be up-in-arms about it.  It is the same thing, people.  The same damn thing.


So, here’s what I really want to know:  If Ms. Kim Davis really cares about same-sex couples, in the way that we, as Christians, are told to care, then what is her endgame with this?  Because wouldn’t a simple prayer issued by her, with every marriage license she issued, be more impactful?  Or does she not believe that God can hear those quiet moments and use them?  Must they be press conferences and news highlights and tweets?  I don’t think God is moved by those things.  I think he’s moved by a heart that truly hurts and cares and prays.  But that’s not what people see and it’s not what gets the ‘looks’ and it’s not what gets on Fox News.  Which is why people think that Christians are jackasses.


Now, I’m not saying that just because a person identifies as a Christian, they are going to always be perfect or not fall flat on their faces.  I’m the ‘case in point’ here…just read my blog posts…I obviously like to cuss.  A lot.  And that is addressed in the New Testament several times.  And it’s addressed in the same breath as sexual immorality.  So, my sin is no worse or better than anyone else’s and yet it’s not blasted through the mainstream because too many people are in the exact same boat and therefore it has no political leverage.  And it’s my sin, as in it’s my issue, to work on and no one else’s political springboard.  And that is what people are losing sight of here…we each have our own sins & issues to work on so let’s not go getting all high & mighty because someone else’s sin carries more political leverage or shouting points or is just easier to see.  And, if you have concerns about a person’s lifestyle, maybe the more appropriate thing to do is to love them anyway.  You know, like Jesus told us to do…a few times…in the New Testament…right next to those verses about sin.  Just sayin’.


And for anyone who’d like to look up the passage I referenced, it’s Colossians 3.  

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