And here is what should have been posted yesterday:


My middle-kid…this is what I’m thankful for today.  I’ve posted about Abby and Wyatt but I’ve saved Kate for last.  Mostly because she is always in the middle, whether we start with oldest or youngest.  So today I changed it up.


Our first girl.  Our first realization that someday we would be scaring off boys and setting curfews.  Kate brought another level of parenting to our household.  We knew some things now, after having Wyatt, but each kid brings new things to learn and new ways to show you that you really still don’t know what you’re doing.  To say that this kid was a spit-fire is an understatement.  Always into something, always with the mischievous little grin on her face.


And now she’s a teenager.  Holy mother of pearl…she really is a teenager already.  It blows me away.  And I watch her now, becoming this person, and I think ‘Wow, this kid is so much tougher than I ever was at that age”.  She’s so much stronger than me, more sure of herself.  She really is her own person.   I still worry about when she goes to high school next year because, let’s face it, girls can be mean little bitches and we all know how high school cliques operate.  But, I honestly think she is the kind of kid who can stand her ground and not be swayed by the whims of the less mature.  Plus, she has her father’s quick-wit and her mother’s mouth which makes for some pretty caustic one-liners that will serve her well.


She’s growing into a young woman who will go out into this world and make things happen.  She’s focused on her grades this year and seen the rewards of her work.  I have no doubt that she’ll carry that work ethic into high school and beyond.  Her drive on the soccer field has increased and she’s become an force to be reckoned with.  She is so damn tough out there…so unafraid to take shots to the body or stand up a forward and snake the ball.  I see her taking ownership of herself and that makes me happy.  It makes me happy that we get to watch her, guide her, help her on the way to adulthood.  And it makes me happy that she’s part me, part Mike, and all Kate.



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