It’s Like The Great Race Except I Don’t Get Anywhere.


From the beginning of the school year to Thanksgiving break I put over 6,000 miles on my car.  Yup…twice what my little oil change sticker says I should have.  And it’s not even from driving on a long trip or commuting to my job.  It’s because of the children.  I blame them.


Between school schedules, soccer practices, soccer games all over the valley and now wrestling, we’ve racked up the miles like we’re road testers for Chevrolet.


Part of it’s because the oldest is a high schooler now….the amount of miles I drive in a day have gone through the roof!  We live 12 miles from the high school and I make the drive twice a day.  In theory.


What usually happens is something like today:


7:00 am: Take oldest to school in the morning:  24 miles round trip

8:10 am: Take girls to elementary school:  12 miles r.t.

1:00 pm:  Drive to Salem to pick up clothes that oldest needs but I just found out about:  50 miles r.t.

5:00 pm:  Drive back to high school to take oldest the newly purchased clothes and dinner:  24 miles r.t.

6:30 pm:  Take girls to Christmas Program at elementary school:  6 miles

6:40 pm:  Drive back to high school from elementary school to watch oldest FFA ceremony:  6 miles

7:20 pm:  Back to the elementary school for the end of the Christmas Program & pick up girls:  6 miles

8:00 pm:  Back again to the high school to pick up oldest after ceremony ends:  6 miles

8:30 pm:  Make the final drive home, thank you baby Jesus, with all 3 kids:  12 miles.


Almost 150 miles.  Just today.  I always think that if I’m driving that many miles I should be somewhere much more interesting.  But no…it’s like the Great Race except I don’t get anywhere.

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