Is it October Yet?

Hockey season starts October 4.  That’s only 31 days away, people, time to get excited!


And my Flyers have a whole crop of rookies vying for spots on this year’s roster.  In fact, we have been building the deepest pool of young talent around the league.  Even hockey media has realized it: Flyers Farm System Vaults to the Top.


A little preview of things to come for my boys this season.  I agree with their assessment of our defense, which has been sorely lacking the last two seasons, even with Ghost Bear and the most awesome Provorov.  If there really are hockey gods out there, the Flyers will find some way to dump the dead weight that is Andrew MacDonald.


And I can’t forget Steve Mason. Mase. I’m sad to see him go to Winnipeg but I hope he gets to play for a team that supports him, at least better than the Flyers did. In honor of Mase, here’s one of his most amazing saves in what ended up being one of his last games in a Flyers jersey.

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