Introverts, one and all

We are a family of introverts.  Yes, I know…shocker.  But seriously, I kind of already knew this but I guess I didn’t realize that ALL of us were as introverted as we apparently are.


The way that I know this is that I took this personality quiz a while back and found it pretty interesting when I read through the description of my personality type at the end and went “yes”, “oh, yes…that’s me”, “hhhmm, that’s me as well”.   So I had bookmarked it in my browser weeks ago and just remembered to tell Mike about it the other day…I was curious to see if it would come out so eerily similar for him.


I convinced him to take the test and I have to say, while not as on the money as mine was, his personality description was pretty good.  There were some things that weren’t quite right but the things that were spot on were, well, spot on.   So, now I was curious about the kids.  We had them take the test as well and the results were pretty freakin’ interesting.


And, as I said before, we are ALL introverts.  Now, let’s have a little bit of english class, shall we?  Being introverted does not mean being shy because I don’t think anyone would accuse any of us of being shy.

“Shyness has an element of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety, and while an introvert may also be shy, introversion itself is not shyness. Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.”

That is the bests description introverted v. shy I have found.  And, clearly, all us Patricks like to be on our own or, conversely, we really, really don’t like masses of humanity.   Because, as Agent K says in Men In Black:  “A person is smart, people are dumb…”.  Don’t get me wrong, we still like to visit places like Seattle, San Francisco, and hopefully the East Coast next year….but only to visit and then return to our sanctuary of home.  It physically drains us to be around that many people for that long.


So after we all took the test, we wasted about an hour or so looking at graphics that told us which movie or book characters we were based on our personality scores.  That was pretty fun mostly because we were teasing Mike that he tends to be the villains in the story lines….Snape, The Emperor, Mycroft, and Moriarty (secretly loving this one the most!).  Although some of the analysis also had him as Sherlock, which is super-freakin’ cool!



But he is also some pretty cool ones like The Ninth Doctor (my personal favorite Doctor), Gandalf, and Mr. Darcy!   That’s right ladies….I married Mr. Darcy.  Swoon!

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Most of the time we enjoyed seeing what characters we were similar to but when you get one you don’t like, that’s a bummer.  For instance…Mike may be Mr. Darcy, but I got my absolute least favorite character:  Caroline Bingley!  As if.  I love the character of Elizabeth Bennett and will always be that character in my mind when I read Pride & Prejudice.  Always!

Me, I’m an ISFJ personality…that means I’m a protector/multitasker/caretaker personality.  So, I get pretty cool characters like Katniss, Samwise Gamgee, Lady Stark, and my personal favorite:  Watson!  (See…how can Caroline Bingley even be in that list???)



Wyatt is an ISTJ personality which is totally and completely right on the money.  That’s the honor/sacrifice/soldier mentality and he got characters like Aragorn, Spock, Ned Stark and such.  So, really no surprises there.



Kate is an INFP personality type:  creative, artistic, and optimistic.  She has some great authors in their personality type like Tolkien and Shakespeare and actors like Johnny Depp and Tom Hiddleston.   Also, she got Frodo (her least favorite character from Lord of the Rings) and Luke Skywalker.



And then there’s Abby…miss INFP herself.  Again, pretty freakin’ spot on for this kid.  She’s a philosopher/architect/dreamy professor type and she has it in spades.  Her real life counterparts are Socrates, Pascal and Einstein…phew!  And her characters include River Song, Hermoine Granger, Yoda, and depending on the graphic, Sherlock.  So, she loved pretty much all of her character references.



So basically these memes pretty much sum up the Patrick family members across the board:




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