In the car with my son

Wyatt & I spend a lot of time in the car together.  Driving to and from school, wrestling practices and tournaments, and now summer weight training for football.  It’s kind of a pain to get the kids to all their stuff and it sure isn’t cheap since we live 13 miles from the high school and drive a suburban.  But I know this time isn’t going to last long since he’ll be driving within the next year so I treasure the fact that we have some pretty great conversations.  Except in the mornings.  In the mornings he is little more than a grumpy zombie, slouched in the passenger seat, trying to sleep as I speed down the windy road into town.  I’ve learned to not take this less-than-social morning attitude personally although at first I must admit to intentionally trying to bouncing his sleeping head off the side window while navigating the corners…you know, just to see if I could get a response out of him.

This is the routine we have settled into this summer:  Wake him up 20 minutes before we have to leave, drive for 20 minutes in complete silence and then push him out onto the curb in front of the weight room at 8:00 am with a cheery “Have a good workout!” which is met with a grunt.  Then he goes and lifts weights for an hour, I go and swim laps during that time, and when I pick him up at 9:15 it’s like a completely different kid.  Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  Yeah, there’s the kid I know.  He tells me all about the latest video game he’s playing or the latest Rooster Teeth podcast he’s listened to or what happened at practice or any number of things.  Once in a while we solve the world’s problems with deep ethical/religious/philosophical discussions.  But usually we just laugh a lot.  So yeah, that’s basically our mornings:  quiet & grumpy in the morning and chatterbox goofball from there on.    I think in another year I’ll probably miss both.


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