I wish we could do this everyday…another post revisited.

Another post that seems fitting to revisit today…this one was from way back in 2012.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than working around our place together and I’m excited to get back to doing it more often.


I wish we could do this everyday…


Mike & I worked on our place all day today.  We picked up supplies, spread sawdust in the blueberry patch and compost in the garden, put bark dust in more flowerbeds and worked on the pig pen.  When we were putting up new chicken fencing around the back side of the barn he looked at me and said “I wish we could do this everyday…work here together.”

I couldn’t agree more.  If we could make a go of it with our farm it would be the best thing ever.  We can’t do it full-time…yet.  But everyday we get to be here together is a good day.

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