House full of teenagers

Welp…it’s official today:  Our youngest, Abby, has turned 13 and pushed us into the realm of an all-teenager household.  There’s not much that has changed with this ‘milestone’ since, as the youngest, she has had that teenager mentality for a few years now.


But, this weekend did offer us a glimpse into the future for Mike & I and what it means to have older kids.  See, Abby went to her friend’s house and spent the night there;  Kate went to her friend’s house and spent the night;  and Wyatt was helping at a wrestling tournament all day.  Do you see what happened there?  That meant that Mike & I had the day & evening to ourselves.  Holy crap.  This was what I’ve been dreaming of since the sleepless nights of babies, the endlessness of potty training, the mileage of chauffeuring to practices…the everything of being parents.


So, what did we do with our time?  Well, we ran some errands and took a load of scrap metal to the scrap metal place….really grown-up things like that.  But, then we decided to catch a movie, which turned into grabbing some dinner…just the two of us.  And it was a really nice time.  And we weren’t hurrying home or feeling guilty because the kids were home eating leftovers or anything like that…we could just relax and enjoy our time together.


The downside to this is that now the role of parent is shifting…it’s now more worrying about them when they are driving or out with friends and hoping that you have indeed given them all the tools they need to be productive members of society.  At one point on Saturday, all of us were in a different town, which is a little crazy.  This is what it looked like on the app we use to track everyone’s phones:


Seeing them all spread out on the map like that is a little unnerving at this point but I guess there’s nothing to do but keep trying to guide them, keep worrying about them, and now, try to start enjoying the opportunities for Mike & I to act like couple again.  Yeah for teenagers!


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