“Holy Crap is that the Sun?” aka “Oh, look it’s Spring now”

Spring looks like it has finally arrived around here this week.  Wahoo!


I have lived here all my life (except 2 years in Eastern Oregon) so I am completely used to the amount of rain, gloom and general darkness associated with a Willamette Valley Winter.  That being said…I have had enough!  I want to go to soccer practice without preparing to board the ark….I want to kick my kids outside to play…I want to get some freakin’ Vitamin D!  I’m not greedy, just every third day or so, could it not rain??


So thank God, the sun has finally arrived this week!!  Everyone is in a better mood around here…even the animals.  The pigs have come out of their little house to run around the pen, the steers are sunning themselves in the pasture, the chickens aren’t hiding under the stock trailer to avoid the rain…it makes for a happy little farm!


And today we get to go play soccer without two giant umbrellas, under armour, towels and hats….that calls for a bit of a happy dance around the kitchen!

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