Hockey season is back after the Olympic break and I am so happy!  Plus the Flyers and the Penguins play back-to-back games in a few weeks, which is awesome because they hate each other and that makes for great hockey.  Just to be clear:  I loathe the Penguins.  Muchly.  In particular, I loathe Crosby.  Yes, he’s a great player.  Yes, he just helped Canada win the gold medal.  Yada yada yada. He still a schmuck.  If they gave gold medals for diving, he’d hold the record.



Here’s a true story:  when someone I just met talks about hockey, I have to ask them what they think of the Penguins to know if I can be friends with them or not.  Not even kidding.  Had this happen last month and the guy was like “I hate the Penguins and Sidney Crosby is a putz”.  Boom!  Instant friends!  That’s how it works.

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