Here’s the plan…

Ah, writing, how I’ve missed you.  Not having a creative outlet has kind of been draining for me these these last few months and yet I haven’t had any energy to use my creative outlet…it’s like a vicious, literary death spiral.


But now, things are hopefully settling in a bit in my work life, which translates to my at-homelife, and therefore I can have more time & energy for the things I enjoy.  Like writing.  And maybe sewing.  And beginning to learn Gaelic again.  And I should probably clean the house.   Yeah, that too.


So now the questions is: what do I want to write about?  The answer to that is: I don’t know.  But hopefully, if I keep coming back here and keep searching for a way to express my odd, random, sometimes sport-centric, often profane thoughts, it’ll click again.  That’s the plan anyway…







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