Flopping, Diving, and Chipping

I may or may not have just called out a 13 year old girl of diving and compared her to Sidney Crosby when she totally flopped on the ground after being fouled by my daughter in a middle-school basketball game.  Ok, I totally did that.  But it’s not like I’m proud of it, I’m just pointing out my own flaws in a very self-depricating manner.  Ok, maybe I’m a little bit proud of it.  Don’t judge!


Hey, I know that not everyone is comfortable verbally expressing their differing opinions in an open environment to those in a position of authority.  I just happen to be one of those people who doesn’t suffer from that particular affliction.  Not a bit.  Show me a ref and I will chip at them, if warranted.  (I have met quite a few really good refs over the years of youth sports so I don’t chip at all of them….give me a little credit)


I was actually all prepared to not say anything at this game.  Really, I was going to be good.  I was pretty sure we were going to lose the game because this particular team is good and, more to the point, really physical.  So I called my kid over and reminded her of that before she took the court so she’d play tough.  And then I sat back to enjoy the game…quietly.  But then…holy horrible refs batman….it just got to be too much.  These refs were stinkin’ up the joint.  So, all of a sudden I found myself pointing out obviously traveling call that were missed and the fouls that were missed and …. you get the picture.


So Abby goes in and puts a decent stop on this girl as she’s driving to the basket, nothing dirty, mind you…just an improper block because she really doesn’t know the finer points of the game…and down the girl goes, flopping around like a fish.  So, yes….I called out my observations that she was diving to draw the foul and compared her to Crosby and suggested she should play hockey.  Mhe…{insert shoulder shrug here} that’s what happens when I go to games.

2 thoughts on “Flopping, Diving, and Chipping

  1. meh… I agree. This week, I have witnessed several (clearly untalented) girls yelling out b.b.b.b.b.b.all every damn time they are on defense. I have been really glad that our coach isn’t teaching this annoying trickery to the girls. It drives me batty. Please. If you just knew how to defend, you wouldn’t have to yell some annoying noise that makes everyone in the gym cringe. I may have openly voiced this observation during a game.

    Get some skills, drop the b.b.b.b.b.b.all. Rant over.

    By the way, my soccer girl… not the best b.ball player, but not making annoying sounds in effort to distract the offense.

  2. Umm…tough to imagine you setting quietly @ ANY game where there is a man or woman in a stripe shirt. And truth b told here….your face is plastered in the dressing room of officials from here to Canada! Chirping @ refs is your life & you do it well!

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