Family Fun Day

Ok, now for a current blog…today was Family Fun Day in the Patrick household.  After a few minutes of ‘what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you wan to do?’, we finally settled on checking out a nearby campground that also has a paintball course.  Camp Dakota is located way up Crooked Finger Road outside of Scotts Mills and they have a great setup.  Ropes courses, zip lines, 2 paintball courses, a rock wall, and an RC racetrack…tons of fun to be had!

We paid our fees and got our gear, including coveralls to hopefully help cushion the inevitable impact of paintball rounds.  Yes, my friends, we looked oh-so-stylish in our oversized camo getups and our face masks.


The course is good sized with lots of different terrain and obstacles, including cars, tire piles and bunkers.  Our first match was Attack & Defend and our family was chosen on the defending team to protect the biggest bunker and its flag.  Poor little Abby was the first in the family to get hit, a headshot that thankfully hit the side of her mask.  Mostly because she was fearless and didn’t stay hiding like her mother.  Yea, I play paintball a lot like I play Call of Duty:  like a camping m-f’cker.  Wyatt plays it like he’s a soldier, ducking and diving and moving out and crawling through the brush.  Kate and Mike both use a middle-of-the-road tactic, not Abby’s crazed-rabbit style or Wyatt’s super-soldier or my all-I-need-are-marshmallows camping style, but a surprisingly effective combination of all of them.

Over the next 3 hours we played 4 more rounds, got covered in lots yellow paint and hopefully hit someone on an opposite team once in a while.  It was a freakin’ blast!  Not just for the kids either but also us old-timers….we were laughing all afternoon.  When we walked back to the car after we had finished the last match we were sharing stories of our best shots and comparing the welts that proved someone else’s.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon and something we will definitely be doing again.


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