Facebook Prayers: grabbing everyone’s attention, one key stroke at a time

Prayers and prayer requests…most people would agree that these are good things.  And I’ve seen some pretty moving instances of prayer and I’ve seen God move in some pretty cool ways.  But there are times when people hijack the prayer request time as their own personal spotlight.  I’m sure if you’ve been to a bible study you’ve heard the usual sob stories about how difficult someone’s life is right now.  Or, the ever popular gossip-disguised-as-prayer-request:  “I’m only telling you guys this because you need to know to pray for them…”  It can be disheartening and down right annoying.


And now with Facebook, it’s easier than ever to show just how religious you are by asking for random prayer requests or leaving actual prayers in someone’s comment box.  Because we all know that God has a Facebook page and he’s totally into social media.  What better way to reach Him?  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him on Twitter too (@imtherealgod…I think, but I might be wrong).


I think Facebook prayers carry extra weight with God.  When someone invokes God’s name in text form, it probably goes straight to His celestial iPhone.  “OMM! (Oh My Me…I’m pretty sure that’s how God says it) They just wrote out an actual prayer?  She must really mean it.  Plus she added, like, fifty exclamation marks so I better get right on this.”  Or, “They are sending extra special prayers…and hugs? She is such a good christian, I better honor those prayers.  Besides she added those cute little heart icons before and after her sentence.”


And, even if that’s not how all that plays out…at least they’ve just shown the entire Facebooking world just how gosh golly great they are.  But I’m sure that wasn’t their intent at all…

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