ESPN, you complete me.

I have watched an enormous amount of ESPN today.  It rained so that totally changed the location of my work from outside in the garden to inside in the kitchen.  So, since I was there and the TV is right near by, I decided it was a good idea to watch it while I was baking.  But there was nothing good on…funny how that happens.  A gajillion channels and nothing on but reality shows that make me want to throat punch a toddler in a tiara.  Thank God for ESPN.  I know some you ladies are groaning at me but, really, I can watch it all day.  It doesn’t matter what’s on.  Well, I take that back….I still can’t watch golf.  I think that’s more of a talent than a sport.  But I really cannot fathom how someone can watch the most fake, scripted, and just plain stupid shows like Housewives or Dance Moms and then roll their eyes at sports.


So while I baked my family biscotti and scones, I also watched recaps on all the latest goings-on in sports:  baseball, hockey, basketball, hockey, softball, hockey.  Did I mention hockey?  It’s the Stanley Cup playoffs, people!  Watch some f’cking hockey!


See how that works?  I balance my nurturing-mothering-homemaker side with my scream-at-the-tv-wish-I-played-professional-sports-will-watch-practically-any-sport-and-hates-refs side.  Ya, it’s still a little lopsided but it’s at least weighted a bit.  It keeps me from going all June-Cleaver-with-a-cleaver on people.


By the way, my girls and I just finished watching a documentary on Abby Wambach.  Now that is some quality television.  That woman is f’cking amazeballs!  I want to be her when I grow up.  But I’ll probably just go make some more scones…

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