Dinosaur Oatmeal

So, I basically have a house full of teenagers…OK, the youngest is 12 but she’s advanced for her age.  And they eat.  A lot.  No…really.  A shit-ton…that is the only true unit of measurement that communicates the amount of food they go through.  



And what I find the most amusing about the food that I purchase for these little bottomless pits is that I regularly buy “Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal“.  You know, the kind with the little sugar ovals that reveal candy dinos when the hot water melts them?  The kind that is marketed toward 5 year olds?  Yup.  That is on our breakfast table and I can’t hardly keep enough of it around.  It’s the first thing gone.  Not the Wheaties, not even the Chocolate Chex…nope, it’s the dino oatmeal.  

Proof that we never really grow up, I guess.

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